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Jamie died from Severe Myocarditis, but was a seemingly fit and healthy 13 year old boy. This page explains more about the Memorial Fund set up in his memory.

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Jamie Loncaster Memorial Fund (at CRY)

When Jamie died, his family researched the cause of death (Severe Myocarditis) and tried to establish where they could find good, reliable information. It was then that they came across Cardiac Risk in the Young (CRY). The facts were horrifying – at least 12 young people (aged 14-35) die each week from undetected heart problems. 80% have no prior symptoms. Jamie was tragically one of those young people...

Cardiac Risk in the Young suggested that a memorial fund be created with them. All money donated in Jamie’s memory would be ring-fenced for his family to spend locally, within specific guidelines set out by the charity.

And so the "Jamie Loncaster Memorial Fund” was created with CRY in 2015 and remains active today. To date, the fund has now received over £170,000 in donations.

At least £5,000 from the fund will go towards CRY Core Funding. The rest of the "Jamie Loncaster Memorial Fund" at CRY aims to fund heart screening sessions for young people (aged 14-35) in the area where Jamie lived and grew up.

Donations to date (2015-2023): circa £177,000

CRY Core Funding/Research donations to date: £17,000
2310 Heart Screenings completed from 2016 to 2023: £95,940
400 Heart Screening places booked for 2024: £24,000
400 Heart Screening places booked for 2025: £24,000
200 Heart Screening places funded for 2026: £12,000

Please click here to donate to the "Jamie Loncaster Memorial Fund" at CRY.

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young people a week die as a result of YSCD / SADS*


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